6th Annual Design and Construction Week highlights future of home building industry

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The latest in home and residential building products made their debut in Las Vegas this week. The 6th Annual Design and Construction Week is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The event showcases more than 2,100 exhibitors from kitchen and bath to construction. 

Areas of focus continue to be technology in the home and green building techniques to innovative construction products.

“It’s overwhelming,” said Jack Ruyak, a visitor from Allentown, Pennsylvania.  There are so many things to see and do.”

The convention also highlights the future of the home building industry.

“They’re always innovating things, so you see a lot of new things,” Ruyak said.

Some of the companies at the convention’s main focus is green technology and sustainability.  For example, 3M has roof shingles that fight air pollution.

“It’s got granules in there that are smog reducing, and it harnesses sunlight and doesn’t contribute to smog like regular shingles do,” said Steve Barber, the sales operation manager of the 3M company.

Inside the home, the focus remains on connecting people to their appliances.  The brand Home Connect and Fitbit partnered to allow users to access their home. 

Johannes Ochsner, with BSH Home Appliances, says it’s “Where you’ll be able to monitor all your appliances right at your wrist on the Fitbit smartwatch.”

While many booths showcased their products, which are expected to be available this year, others are displaying future concepts.  One is called PAI which stands for Project And Interact. It’s a kitchen hub to help people cook whether their hands are clean or dirty.

“It projects content on the countertop, and it can detect your finger on the countertop. So you don’t need to use your greasy fingers from cooking on your tablet,” Ochsner said.

Every item at the 6th Annual Design and Construction Week convention gives home builders a glimpse of what’s to come in the home of tomorrow. 

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