LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — 8 News Now has received numerous phone calls from people who say they haven’t received their recent weekly $600 pandemic unemployment payment and according to a news release from the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, it’s due to “an error in the UI system.”

DETR released the following statement:

“DETR has identified an error in the UI system and staff is working to correct the issue, which has resulted in some claimants reporting they have not received the additional $600 in federal pandemic unemployment compensation this week. The issue is expected to be resolved tomorrow and all payments will be caught up shortly after the issue is resolved. DETR will share further updates if additional issues arise. “

DETR news release

DETR also pointed out that claimants file for benefits reflecting the previous week, meaning the first day to file for the week ending July 25 began on July 26. All claimants who are eligible for the federal pandemic unemployment compensation (FPUC) payment will be paid the benefit, including those eligible for retroactive benefits.

However, this FPUC payment may be the last one. The benefit was authorized through the CARES Act and is scheduled to end this Friday, July 31.

But last week, DETR said the funding would end on July 25. This could be due to the way the State unemployment calendar is laid out.

8 News Now reached out to DETR to confirm this, and they sent the following statement:

The CARES Act does state July 31, 2020, because UI is paid out for each week, and the last week goes beyond July 31st,  DOL stated no one could be paid for this week, meaning the week ending on the 25th was the last payable week, again per DOL direction.”

DETR spokesperson

We spoke to Irene Dama, who has been relying on FPUC in addition to her other benefits.

“This was supposed to be my last week of receiving it. I was going to use that to pay a little extra on my bills next month because I’m not going to have that extra $600,” Dama explained.

She wants Congress to extend these funds and come to an agreement before this Friday.

“They need to have something that will, when that one stops, the new one starts automatically on Aug. 1,” Dama said.

In Washington DC, Senate Republicans unveiled their coronavirus relief plan called the HEALS Act. It would cut the additional unemployment benefits from $600 to $200 a month.

Democrats are hoping to extend the current amount.

Last week, DETR said it’s in communication with the Department of Labor, the Governor’s Office and our Congressional Delegation. They do not have any information on an extension at this time.