58 Random Acts of Kindness group inspires good deeds around the world

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It was a simple gesture that inspired thousands of good deeds around the world.

The 58 random acts of kindness was created to honor the lives of the victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. 

Paige Reimen is a local hairstylist in Las Vegas and recently received a small plant at her workplace. A small card with a picture of 28-year-old Calla-Marie Medig was on it, who was at the Route 91 Festival when she was killed. 

“People were saying that some random blonde brought it in and left it on my station,” Reimen said. 

Reimen did some research and used the hashtag 58 random acts of kindness to find other stories.

Some people were buying coffee for strangers while others left tips at restaurants. 

“In light of everything that was going on around us, all the negativity, all the heartache, that there should be joy and happiness in doing things for other people, to know that good prevails over evil,” said Mary Rendina, the founder of 58 random acts of kindness. 

Reimen was with her friend at the Route 91 Harvest Festival when they wound up literally running for their lives.

“I have a friend that flies out from Ohio. This was our third year,” Reimen said. “We had gone the two previous years. This year we were actually staying at Mandalay Bay that weekend as well.”

Reimen and her friend made it out. She keeps her gift on her desk and said it’s a reminder of being a survivor. 

“That day was a hard day obviously and it just it means the world to me, ” Reimen added.

To find other stories, search the hashtag 58 random acts of kindness on social media.

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