LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — All fireworks are considered illegal in Clark County once the Fourth of July holiday comes to a close. Prior to that, the illegal fireworks could be heard and seen across the valley.

“I can see fireworks coming up through the trees so they were not the safe and sane type,” said Cyndi DeLong.

She made several complaints to the website.

“My frustration is that I never know whether it’s actually being seen by anybody. I’m sure it is, but I never actually see any results about it,” she said.

The ISpy website was launched in 2018 for residents to report illegal fireworks in their neighborhoods and to lessen the burden on 911 calls. Usually, there are thousands of complaints, but the actual number of citations given this holiday may come as a surprise.

In 2020, there were more than 27,000 complaints on the website, and in 2021, there were 21,000. This year’s numbers reached 14,664 complaints.

Some users reached out to 8 News Now saying the system crashed on Monday night.

Out of all the complaints received, however, the total number of citations given out by Metro police in the City of Las Vegas was 53.

“That’s all? Could have done that in my block,” said Henderson resident John Archer. “I mean, prevention is a big thing, but at that point, you’re trying to put out the fires, not look for who’s going to start them next.”

Archer shared a photo with 8 News now of a palm tree that was destroyed after a firework got caught in it.

(Courtesy: John Archer)

Although the ISpy website is for the whole county, only Metro’s citation numbers were available.

Fines for illegal fireworks in Clark County start at $500.