5 years later: After tragedy, Ward family finds hope

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Brazyl Ward is 11-years-old now and has learned how to walk again.

“Brazyl was a victim of a hit and run in the year 2013. She was given a 10% chance of living,” said Brandon Ward, Brazyl’s father. 

After the tragic accident, Brazyl was in a coma for two months. 

“She still does have her right side deficiency, but she’s learning how to get around the best way possible with just being strong on her left hand side,” said Brandon Ward. 

Brazyl was hit by a car while out trick-or-treating with her family. The Ward’s went public with their story with the hope that one day they’d save a life.

“For the longest of times, there was so much guilt. There was so much negativity, just with the mind process and the thought process, but every day is a blessing when a person is recovering,” Brandon Ward added. 

Metro Police say they will have plenty of officers on the streets this Halloween. Officers are urging parents to take extra precautions to protect their children. 

“The biggest issue on Halloween is traffic. It’s vehicles versus pedestrians. So, we will get a lot of calls about people impeding traffic in certain areas,” said Captain Kelly McMahill from the South Central Area Command. 

Captain McMahill and officer Celina Cruz are getting ready for their annual Trunk or Treat event. It’s taking place at the Cambridge Recreation Center on Thursday, October 25 from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m. 

“There will be several police officers there in uniform and in plain clothes. So, there will be eyes watching the surrounding area as well as the children,” Cruz said. 

The goal is to provide a safe and fun trick or treating experience for families. 

“I feel much better even my mom says i’m growing up so fast,” said Brazyl Ward. 

The person who hit Brazyl has never been caught. 

Police advise children use glow sticks and reflective tape on their costumes. Drivers are warned to be especially vigilant Halloween night. 

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