LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas took another step toward legal pot lounges, voting 5-1 on Wednesday to work through Nevada regulators to license the businesses.

According to Las Vegas City Attorney Brian Scott, Las Vegas and Clark County are now on track to allow “cannabis consumption lounges” — the only legal places to smoke marijuana outside of your home. Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder City and Mesquite have all opted out of the process that allows the state to control licensing.

Once the state approves an application for a license, it is still under the local government’s power to control the location and other aspects of the lounge, Scott told the Las Vegas City Council before the vote.

The city has been on board with pot lounges for a long time, but the state created the Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) to control licensing, and today’s vote puts Las Vegas in line with that regulatory authority.

Discussion before the vote pointed out the need for legal places to use marijuana for tourists, who are prohibited from smoking marijuana in hotel rooms.

As the vote was presented to the council, a “no” vote indicated the city would operate under the CCB licensing system. A “yes” vote was to opt out of the CCB’s authority. Only Ward 2 City Councilwoman Victoria Seaman voted to opt out. Mayor Pro Tem Stavros Anthony was not in attendance.

Seaman wanted to take a “wait and see” approach to learn from the county’s experience with pot lounges.

The city must put its own ordinance in place before any pot lounges can be licensed.