LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As many Nevadans plan on gathering for the holidays, President Joe Biden’s administration is offering a fourth round of free COVID test kits in hopes of preventing the spread of the virus.

The test kits will be shipped out to addresses starting on Dec. 19.

Before you throw out “expired” tests

To see if your existing COVID tests’ expiration dates have been extended click HERE.

According to the Southern Nevada Water Authority, wastewater surveillance remains an important component of understanding what is happening with COVID.

Data showed big spikes in COVID DNA levels in the wastewater in Las Vegas and an even bigger spike in Henderson.

Although the state is reporting a decline in COVID cases over the past week in Clark County, data from UNLV indicates otherwise.

Wastewater monitoring can provide early awareness of potential outbreaks because people who have been infected can take several days before showing symptoms according to UNLV.

As a result, the information can help direct testing and resources during a surge.

The surge in wastewater levels could foreshadow an increase in cases, but there is no guarantee that will happen.

Water officials said the drinking water is treated to remove pathogens including the virus that causes COVID and there is no evidence that the virus is viable as it travels through sewage systems.