LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Police arrested a fourth person in what detectives called a “violent targeted robbery” that left a 24-year-old woman dead in March, documents said.

Brandyn Smith, 35, faces charges of murder, kidnapping, robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, and residential burglary, records showed.

Michael Overton, 31; Christine Schultz, 22; and Kamari Oliver, 18; were previously charged in connection with the incident.

On March 25 around 2:10 p.m., neighbors heard multiple gunshots inside a home in the 6400 block of Bright Nimbus Avenue near Robindale Road and Jones Boulevard.

Police found the body of Natalie Manduley inside the residence. She had suffered from multiple gunshot wounds.

Police found Manduley’s boyfriend at the scene, who told them that four people broke into his house and killed Manduley while he was at the store.

Detectives found that Manduley’s boyfriend was in a relationship with both her and another woman. One week before the incident, the three met Schultz at a gentleman’s club and “struck up an intimate friendship,” according to documents.

The day of the incident, Schultz was walking toward the home when Manduley’s boyfriend was leaving to go to the store. He said he was leaving to run an errand and told Schultz both women were inside.

When he returned several minutes later, he heard gunshots and saw Smith and Overton running out of the house while Oliver tried to drive away, according to documents.

Kamari Oliver (Credit: LVMPD)

Manduley’s boyfriend managed to ram his car into Oliver’s car, causing it to crash into a wall, documents said.

Manduley’s boyfriend was heard running after the crash, yelling “they killed her.”

The other woman who was in the home with Manduley told police that one of the men dragged her into a closet with a safe, demanding that she open it before leaving and exchanging gunfire with Manduley, documents said.

During the robbery, Manduley was able to get her own handgun and started shooting at one of the suspects before being killed, police said.

Manduley’s boyfriend told police he sells high-end jewelry on social media and Schultz had recently followed him. Investigators later said they believe this was the motivation for the crime.

“We have determined Christine Schultz had set up the robbery. She had went over to the house, made a phone call while she was there and that’s what caused the other males to come to the house,” detectives said in March.

A witness later saw and videotaped two of the men and Schultz running down the street “recklessly,” including in front of moving vehicles without looking, documents said.

Smith was being held in the Clark County Detention Center Thursday. His preliminary hearing was scheduled for Dec. 1.