LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The 48th Red Flag exercises started on January 23, at Nellis Air Force Base.

The exercises provide military aircrews with intensive air combat drills in a safe and realistic training environment.

The goal according to Kevin Terret with the Royal Air force is to prevent crucial pilot errors from happening during a real conflict.

“It’s the most amazing training opportunity that we can get in the Royal Air Force,” Terret said. “It’s the opportunity to come here and train across very difficult threats and a very complex airspace with our two very principal allies.”

New elements for this year’s training include combat drills over the pacific ocean.

Jeremy Wright with the U.S. Air Force said building relationships with military squads is important in training.

“They’re incredibly knowledgeable and they definitely sent the best they have. Honestly, it’s been a pleasure I’ve learned a lot,” Wright expressed.

Around 3,000 service members and 100 aircraft will participate in this year’s Red Flag exercise which will last about two weeks.

This year’s exercise focuses on strengthening the U.S. and the capabilities to protect the Indo-Pacific Theater, which stretches from the coast of California to India, and from the Artic to Antarctica.