LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Holidays are all about family, but if it’s more than a 43-mile drive, forget it.

That’s apparently the attitude in Nevada this Thanksgiving as gas prices put the brakes on travel plans. But it’s more than gas prices. It’s food prices, too, along with a preference by half the 7,233 people who answered a poll to just stay home for Thanksgiving — and maybe use the savings on Black Friday deals.

The information comes from a poll produced by a Florida car dealership. Yes, it might just be a grab for some cheap publicity, but it got us thinking. How far can you actually get if you drive 43 miles from the middle of Las Vegas?

We were generous — we ignored the fact that you’ve got to drive home. And we only looked at mileage in a straight line, which isn’t very realistic. Still, there aren’t that many places you can get:

  • A nice drive to see your family anywhere in the valley falls under the 43-mile limit. (But the round-trip might not.)
  • If you’ve got relatives in Boulder City, gas prices shouldn’t be an excuse. But if they live that close, is it really a big deal to skip Thanksgiving this year?
  • You can get to Overton, and stop at the Moapa Tribal smoke shop and casino on your way.
  • Indian Springs is an option, and you can hit the Big Boy if dinner is a disappointment.
  • Maybe you just want to go to Primm for lottery tickets. That’s within range.
  • A family picnic at Lake Mead or Mt. Charleston is doable if the weather cooperates.

If your family is in Pahrump, you’ve got an excuse … barely.

Any way you cut it, Nevadans were fourth-lowest in the nation for road-trip tolerance. The average of the nation was 82 miles. Vermont, Maine and Delaware ranked lowest for the number of miles people are willing to travel:

  • Vermont: 21 miles
  • Maine: 39 miles
  • Delaware: 42 miles
  • Nevada: 43 miles
  • West Virginia: 46 miles

On the other end of the spectrum, residents of Rhode Island and North Dakota are ready to drive 150 miles. Here are the top five:

  • North Dakota, Rhode Island: 150 miles
  • Nebraska: 135 miles
  • Georgia: 118 miles
  • Arkansas: 114 miles
  • Mississippi: 112 miles

The more we look at this poll, the more we’re inclined to believe it was just about the publicity. But if you don’t mind looking at a car ad in another state, check out the interactive map provided by the company that produced the poll.