400-pound pig dumped at Las Vegas Farm, rescue owner needs help building habitat

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The woman behind a well-known animal rescue is calling on the community for help after someone abandoned a farm pig outside her home. 

Sharon Linsenbardt, owner of Barn Buddies Rescue and the Las Vegas Farm, says someone tied 400-pound “Homer” to a pole at her property near Grand Teton and Buffalo this weekend. 

Homer is only about a year old, and is expected to weigh more than a 1,000 pounds in a few years. Right now he is in pretty bad shape. Linsenbardt says he is badly sunburned, has feet issues and he is malnourished. 

“Homer” is being housed temporarily in the desert tortoises’ habitat of the farm, but will soon outgrow that area. Linsenbardt knows what it takes to raise a farm pig because she already has one, named Willow.  She is hoping the community can help save Homer and the huge financial burden his care will bring.

“We’re looking to gather up about $8,000 to $10,000 so we can buy the lumber, the roofing, the fencing and the waterer,” explained Linsenbardt. “And the vet! The vet’s coming Thursday. They don’t give me a break and the continued care for his feet, not to mention his food bill, this guy’s gonna eat a lot.”

To help with alleviating these expenses, Linsenbardt created a GoFundMe page where people can donate to Homer’s care. 

People are also encouraged to drop off donations at the Farm, or just support by buying goods every weekend at the Farm’s market place.

The Las Vegas Farm is located at 7222 W Grand Teton Drive.

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