LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A 4-week-old kitten is eating on her own now in a harrowing survival story.

Savannah was rescued from a dumpster fire, and her whiskers and fur were singed and her paws were burned. But with care from the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas, she’s making a comeback.

Kelsey Pizzi of the Animal Foundation said the injuries to Savannah’s paws were the most serious problem, but veterinarians are saying she will be just fine.

“They were really impressed that her temperature was in a normal range, and that she was eating quite a bit,” she said. She’s in good hands, according to Pizzi.

A video posted Tuesday on Instagram and Twitter shows the kitten eating out of a cardboard tray on her own.

She ate some “gruel” — a mix of water and wet cat food — but quickly moved up to a tray of we cat food for a bigger feast, Pizzi said.

The light-brown kitten is tiny, but she’s showing a lot of fight. She trembles as she holds up her head in the video. She’s missing a small tuft of hair above her left eye.

During her recovery, the Animal Foundation used an incubator as part of the treatment to help fight the pain.

Savannah is going to a foster home where she will continue her recovery.

Pizzi noted that it’s kitten season, and the Animal Foundation is likely to get thousands of kittens in the coming months — and they will need foster homes. She said retired nurses make wonderful foster care providers, for special medical cases like this one.

“When it comes to fires and animals, we’re most worried about burns and smoke inhalation,” Pizzi said. “Burn wounds can become infected, so we have to treat them aggressively and keep those areas bandaged, and we have to do pain medication.”

Savannah will be monitored for two to four days for respiratory distress to ensure there was no damage from smoke inhalation.