4.6 magnitude earthquake reported in Barstow, felt in Las Vegas Valley

Local News

Barstow, Calif. (KLAS) — According to the USGS, a 4.6 magnitude earthquake hit in the area of Barstow, California. It was felt by some locals in the Las Vegas Valley.

“The Barstow area is in a geologically active area like we are and like Ridgecrest. So it shouldn’t be too surprising to have decent magnitude quakes throughout the Mojave,” seismologist Jose Bunde said. “I haven’t seen where the epicenter has been calculated, but there are faults like the ones in our valley called dip slip faults and there are faults like the San Andreas called strike- slip faults in that area. I won’t be surprised if there are a series of aftershocks, some in the 4’s for the next couple weeks.”

You can help out the United States Geological survey by filling out a “Felt Report.” You can find the link in the tweet below.

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