LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Libraries may be full of books but can also get on the internet at a library. And now, there’s a new resource at Henderson’s libraries.

Henderson libraries are offering free 3D printing to all library cardholders regardless of age and it’s free. Cardholders will be able to print up to four jobs thanks to a partnership between the Henderson Library District and Intagley. In just two weeks, there have already been more than 170 orders.

There are some limits. If you want to do more than four prints, large items, or jobs from outside the library district it will have a cost. It’s $1.05 per printing hour plus service and delivery costs.

CEO Joshua Leavitt said Intagly was designed with the goal to have 3D printing in every library in the state. The company started with Henderson. He said it’s a way to connect people who need 3D printing to those with 3D printers.

Here’s how it works. The platform finds someone with a 3D printer, puts in an order, prints it, and then delivers it for a patron to pick up.

Leavitt said it’s creating a manufacturing community, and those with printers can make a few dollars off each print job and then deliver it to the library for another $5. If you’re interested, you can download Intagly’s app.

Marcie Smedley, the executive director of Henderson libraries said the model is beneficial since they don’t have to leverage other resources.

Integly, which sponsors the program, and the library district are looking into additional funding through the state and community sponsors.