LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – New officers are joining the ranks of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. On Tuesday, 37 police recruits graduated at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The graduating class — 32 men and five women — includes many who come from different parts of the world: Aruba, Brazil, Germany and the Philippines. These new police officers hope to encourage more people to join law enforcement.

Officer Brianna Durazo was born and raised in Las Vegas. She says her decision to become a police officer arose from an event that we will never forget — the October 1 shooting.

“Honestly, I never wanted to do this,” Durazo said. “When I was there, under a bleacher talking to my dad, it just clicked.”

Durazo knew she wanted to help people in her community. She became an emergency medical technician (EMT) after that terrible night. There was more she wanted to do.

“I just hope to make an impact bigger than my size,” she said.

“Especially after Route 91, this city became so much stronger and I think we still need us to hold it together,” Durazo said.

The recruitment process was smooth and stress-free, Durazo said. She encourages more women to join the academy. Women have great intuition, are caring, and can make a huge impact in our society.

“If you have something in here, try it,” Durazo said.

Durazo adds there’s always a need for officers as Metro continues to recruit across the nation.