LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It was a weekend full of competition for K9s across several states during the 31st annual LVMPD K9 Trials competition.

The K-9 Trials are a way for the public to appreciate how dedicated the dogs are to their job, Lt. Jeff Clark with LVMPD’s K-9 section said.

“The mere presence of a K9 officer on scene de-escalates a situation, it gives a bad guy an opportunity to give up because they don’t want any part of our dog,” Clark said.

Metro currently has 17 patrol dogs and about a dozen other dogs to detect narcotics, explosives, and human remains.

“The K9 section is absolutely instrumental to make Las Vegas the safest community in America, but also to de-escalate situations,” Clark said.

Throughout the weekend the K9s were tested on a variety of skills. Sunday was the agility performance and K9 Arko was there as a veteran performer.

“He probably wasn’t as nervous as I am, he doesn’t care it’s just fun for him. It’s just like playing a game,” Sgt. Eric Hutchason said. “They have the right amount of courage they are not afraid to do their job and they can be sweet at times.”

There was also some family-friendly competition between Sgt. Hutchason and his brother officer David Hutchason with the Fresno Police Department.

The K9 Trials are part of a fundraising effort to cover the cost of vet bills for K9s when they retire.