$300 Lost Wages payments help many, but some question why it’s not more

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Lost Wages Assistance benefits have started to go out to unemployment claimants in Nevada.

Those are the extra $300 weekly payments that were supposed to start in August.

Many people have been waiting for the payments for well over a month. And some people are questioning why they only received $300, while others got much more.

“All this unemployment and extra aid really helps with rent and bills,” says Patrick Flores, who received Lost Wages Assistance benefits.

Flores works in the entertainment industry, and still can’t go back to work.

“Thursday morning, got a random direct deposit to my bank account, and it was for that $300,” he says.

That money is from the Loast Wages Assistance program, with a certain amount of money coming from a FEMA fund.

It was announced after a national weekly $600 payment ran out in July.

Nevada was approved for three weeks worth of the money.

“I believe it. Just random, automated randomness. Just like when the PUA payments went live,” Flores says.

On Facebook, many people have questions as to why some received $300 and others received $900.

DETR offered this explanation:

“Claimants who were eligible for either unemployment insurance (UI) benefits or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) benefits for the week of August 1 will receive $300 for that week. Those eligible for unemployment for weeks ending August 8th and August 15th will receive $300 a week for those weeks as well. Claimants eligible for all three weeks, will receive a lump sum of $900.”

Flores says, “From what I see in these Facebook groups a lot of people have yet to receive it.”

If you are a UI claimaint, DETR says those Lost Wages Assistance payments should be dispersed over the next three days.

Flores says he knows thousands of people need the extra money.

“For us people working the entertainment industry and independent life, we really need that,” he says.

Nevada was approved for another $200 million of Lost Wages benefits. According to officials, that will be paid on a weekly bases down the line due to a change in how many people qualify.

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