LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Three years ago today, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook the Las Vegas valley. It rattled nerves even though the epicenter was about 150 miles away.

The quake came a day after the July 4, 2019, earthquake, which measured 6.4. Both were centered a few miles from Ridgecrest, California. The pair of quakes caused only minor damage in Las Vegas, but they cracked roads and caused some damage in California.

They served as a reminder that the region is seismically active and gave many in Las Vegas their very first experience with an earthquake. It was a “rolling” quake that produced an uneasy feeling of waves of motion.

Video from original 2019 broadcast

A woman who used to live in the San Francisco area but moved to the Huntridge neighborhood in Las Vegas told 8 News Now about how it felt:

“These definitely felt more like waves. Like my chair — the sofa that I was on — kind of almost felt like I was sitting on a boat,” said Cathy Brooks. “It kind of rolled a little bit, and when I looked out at my pool it was definitely … the water was undulating just like you would see if you were sitting on the dock of a ship.”

Swinging overhead lights and sloshing swimming pools were the subject of many cell phone videos as people shared the moment on social media.

There was talk of big aftershocks and possible triggers to the San Andreas fault, but the smaller quakes that followed caused no problems.

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