LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A roundup of 860 wild horses about 110 northwest of Reno is over, and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) officials report 26 deaths in the herd.

The roundup at the sprawling Calico Complex ended on Saturday, and all the deaths involved horses that were euthanized due to “chronic” conditions including blindness and broken legs.

The BLM set out to reduce the herd significantly. Helicopters were used to gather more than half the estimated 1,600 horses on the 584,101-acre range, which includes several mountain ranges including the Black Rock Range.

The BLM said 40 mares will be treated with fertility control drugs and released back to the herd.

The horses are being taken to corrals in Fallon — the Indian Lakes Off-Range Corrals — before being prepared for adoption or sale, according to the BLM.

Wild horse roundups have been under scrutiny this year after video showed a foal with a broken leg running from a helicopter. Following that incident, 145 horses died in holding pens in Canon City, Colorado, after equine flu spread.

The BLM says the ranges can’t support the animals, citing deteriorating health conditions in the herds. Wild horse advocates counter that the horses are removed to make room for commercial livestock that grazes on the same land.