LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Lost in all the talk about the great job Nevadans have done in conserving water is a simple fact: We can do more.

Are you doing everything you can do? You don’t have to be a “water cop” to make a difference.

If you haven’t taken out your lawn, this should be the year for action. Contact the Southern Nevada Water Authority about a plan of action. You can get a rebate — $3 per square foot — for converting to a desert landscape. You can apply online.

More than half — 60% — of water is wasted because it’s used outdoors and never makes it to treatment plants that allow for reuse.

If a tree died — or showed signs that the heat was too much — replace it with something that’s drought tolerant like a palo verde tree or a mesquite tree. You can learn more at the UNR Extension office page, “A Guide to Desert Bioscape,” or just talk to someone at your local nursery.

It’s a good time to rediscover parks. It’s really not necessary for everyone to have their own little patch of grass at home. Take advantage of our great parks for what they offer.

Do the little things that make you feel like you’re contributing — fix the dripping faucet, shut off the water while the toothbrush is in your mouth, pack the dishwasher, skip a car wash … all the little things that do add up.

You’re living in a desert … learn to adapt instead of trying to turn your home into a tropical paradise.

Looking for other ideas? Check out the Environmental Protection Agency’s “water resolutions:”

Be an agent for change. Encourage others to get on board, but be careful about your approach.

If you live in an HOA, know that they cannot force you to put in grass. SNWA has more information about your rights. SNWA also has all the laws about water waste on that page.

If a neighbor’s sprinkler is watering the street, it’s OK to say something. They might not even realize it’s happening, and you could save them from getting a water waste fine.