2019’s most mispronounced words include ‘Greta Thunberg,’ ‘Pete Buttigieg’

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(CNN) — Do you know how to say everything properly? A group of people who write captioning for television broadcasts helped come up with the most mispronounced words of 2019.

The site of the worst nuclear accident was not in “Chur-no-bull,” it was, and is actually pronounced, “Chair-no-bull.”

The proper way to address teen activist and TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year is “Gray-Tah Toon-Bairk.”

The often purple-haired soccer champion who won the world title for the U.S. is “Meh-gan Ruh-pee-noh”

Probably one of the hardest presidential candidates to pronounce is Mayor Pete’s last name. It is pronounced “Boot-ij-ij.”

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