LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — All the steps the government took to get people through the COVID-19 pandemic are ending soon, and some 200,000 Nevadans could be caught in the transition.

Nevada Medicaid is terminating enrollments for the first time since 2020, according to a Monday news release. It’s part of the “redetermination process.”

Before the pandemic, an average of 700,000 Nevadans were enrolled in Medicaid. Public health regulations enacted during the pandemic resulted in over 900,000 being enrolled in Medicaid.

Estimates indicate those additional 200,000 people might lose coverage.

In April, the first wave of packets went out in the mail to notify people they need to re-enroll. The “unwinding process” is expected to continue through June 2024.

Those who did not respond or who no longer qualify based on income or other factors will lose their benefits starting June 1, 2023. Nevada Health Link is available as the go-to resource to help people stay insured.

“Our priority is keeping Nevadans insured so they don’t experience a lapse in coverage. Nevada Health Link partners with hundreds of certified enrollment assistants and brokers who are available to meet with individuals at no cost to help them find a new plan through Nevada Health Link,” says Nevada Health Link Chief Operations Officer Janel Davis. “The best thing to do right now if you are on Medicaid is to update your contact information with Nevada State Medicaid and to look out for your renewal packet in the mail. Once you receive that, fill it out within 60 days and return it to Medicaid.”

The public health emergency officially ends on May 11, and the ripple effects could catch a lot of people unprepared.

For more information on enrolling in health insurance through Nevada Health Link, visit