LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Two men went on a bank robbing spree, hitting nine banks in Las Vegas and Henderson over a 20-day period with a total take of just over $6,100, according to an arrest report.

The robberies started on Jan. 12, 2023, and ended with the arrest of both men on Feb. 1, 2023.

Brad Haino is facing five counts of robbery, three counts of attempted robbery, and eight counts of burglary. His alleged accomplice, Thomas Turner, 41, is facing five counts of robbery, three counts of attempted robbery, and a violation of his probation conditions for a previous offense of forgery.

According to the arrest report, in the first three robberies, Haino demanded money and threatened to blow up the businesses. During the remaining six, he’d slip a written note to a teller stating he wanted large currency and no trackers or alarms. Out of the nine alleged incidents, he was only successful in getting money five times.

Tellers would either hit the alarm, alert another employee, walk away under the guise of getting the money, or in one case, a teller yelled to her co-workers that a robbery was occurring. In those cases, the report said Haino left the bank threatening he would be back.

Police said a connection between the crimes was made after obtaining surveillance video, photos and good descriptions of the vehicle used at each scene. Haino’s DNA was also obtained from a fingerprint left behind in one of the banks. Las Vegas Metropolitan police put out an alert to all patrol vehicles with a description of the vehicle used in the alleged robberies and it was found in a parking lot at a grocery store that had a bank satellite location.

Both men were taken into custody after trying to flee from officers, the report said. Police reported a bank note was found in Haino’s rear pants pocket.

According to the arrest report, Haino said Turner forced him to do the robberies and Turner said Haino forced him to be the driver.

Judge Rebecca Saxe released Haino without bail but under high-level electronic monitoring, while Thomas remained in the Clark County Detention Center as of Tuesday, records showed.