LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — After more than a year, two men finally have their cars back from Duaine’s Automotive, a Henderson mechanic under investigation by the Nevada DMV Compliance Enforcement Division. 

“We got the call,” Geno Jahrling told 8 News Now. “Come get your vehicle.”

It’s finally the end of a long, hard road for Geno Jahrling and Aaron Schlivka, who got their cars back Wednesday after leaving them at Duaine’s Automotive for repairs over a year ago. 

“It finally feels good,” Schlivka said. “To finally have it in my possession.”

Both Schlivka and Jahrling came to 8 News Now for help in November, after they said the owner of Duaine’s went silent. 

The Nevada DMV Compliance Enforcement Division opened an investigation and revoked the business license for Duaine’s Automotive. A representative told 8 News Now that officers were able to return a total of five cars to their rightful owners Wednesday after serving a search warrant. 

“There were several officers here unloading vehicles,” Schlivka recalled. “I attempted to start my vehicle; it started smoking.”

The men said their cars hadn’t been fixed or even touched in the year since they dropped them off at Duaine’s, so each is still dealing with some financial fallout for repairs. 

“I took it straight to another mechanic,” Jahrling said of his car. “And they said there’s not going to be an issue getting it fixed.”

However, both men told 8 News Now they are grateful to have their property back after so much waiting and overwhelming frustration. 

“I just want to thank the DMV and Channel 8 for helping out,” Schlivka said. “Because without you guys nothing would have ever happened.”

“It feels good,” Jahrling concluded.

While Jahrling took his car to get fixed somewhere else, Aaron said he is cutting his losses and getting rid of his vehicle. 

The DMV Compliance Enforcement Division said while its officers are glad to be able to help these car owners, this investigation is ongoing, and they encourage anyone who has had issues with Duaine’s Automotive to contact them at 702-486-8626.