LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — University Medical Center is now able to test as many as 1,000 people a day for COVID-19.

8 News Now reporter Hector Meija took a test on Friday and has his results in 36 hours which showed he was negative.

8 News Now reporter Hector Meija undergoing COVID-19 testing at The Orleans.

Prior to getting the test at The Orleans, he had to put his driver’s license on his car’s dashboard so it was visible. He was told to keep his car windows closed. He went through three checkpoints with the Nevada National Guard before reaching the testing station which is inside The Orleans parking structure.

 A guardsman instructed Meija to cough into a tissue. He then underwent an oral swab test. The process took around five minutes.

The Nevada National Guard talked about how it’s able to get people in and out so quickly.

A lot of planning went into it. We have the manpower here to provide it. We have definitely gone through some lessons learned and each day we try to refine it so that we get you through as quickly as possible,” said Lt. Col. Eric Ballew, Nevada National Guard.

They have the capacity to handle as many as 1,000 daily tests and it’s open to anyone regardless of whether you have symptoms or have insurance. However, you must make an appointment.

This is part of the state’s strategy to get through Phase 1 of reopening and move on to the next phase.                 

The Nevada National Guard is also assisting at other testing sites, including UNLV Medical School and mobile sites in rural areas.

To make an appointment, you fill out your information on UMC’s website. A staff member will call you back to schedule an appointment.