LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Hundreds of cats and dogs in Nevada finally have a home, thanks to a massive free animal adoption event over the weekend.

More than 1,500 dogs and cats were adopted in Nevada on Friday and Saturday — more than 1,000 of those were in Clark County alone.

It’s all thanks to Maddie’s Pet Project, which reimburses participating shelters and rescue groups for each adoption, also making it free for every new pet owner.

“We were just thrilled with the adoptions this weekend,” said Mark Robison, Co-Executive Director of Maddie’s Pet Project. “To be able to get them into a peaceful home where people love them and can give them more attention, is just the ideal outcome for these animals.”

Robison is also involved with the Nevada SPCA, which saw 35 dogs and cats get adopted.

“That was about half of the animals available,” Robison said.

Maddie’s Pet Project is especially important to the Animal Foundation because of their high intake of animals. They say this weekend’s free adoption event was a soaring success.

“We adopted out 266 animals, which is a record for any Maddie’s event,” said Kelly Leahy, Communications Manager for the Animal Foundation.

Adoption events are crucial for the Animal Foundation, which continues to see a huge increase of animals coming into the shelter. Just last month alone, the shelter took in nearly 3,000 dogs and cats.

“That trend seems to be continuing in June,” Leahy said. “There are a variety of reasons. Maybe its the weather, maybe its kitten season. But in the meantime what we have to do is take care of the animals and find them homes.”

This weekend’s program was the third of six adoption events through Maddie’s Pet Project. It is a three-year campaign, with two free adoption events each year. Robison says while the undertaking is large, the group’s mission is simple.

“The goal is to help animals get into a good home,” Robison said.

In all, 58 shelters and rescue groups participated this weekend, making the largest Maddie’s Pet Project event, to date.