LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Project Reimagine has entered its pre-construction phase in Henderson, along Boulder Highway.

The project starts at Wagon Wheel Drive and continues seven and a half miles past Gibson Road.

Scot Martin a former police captain with the Nevada Department of Public Safety, now a private investigator, said he is excited to see the changes, as he used to patrol the area.

“As a former police officer I’ve investigated thousands of traffic accidents and I have family that lives off Boulder Highway,” said Martin.

Pre-construction starts in November and the $120 million project will begin by converting Boulder Highway to two travel lanes in both directions with additional transit-only lanes in the median.

Scott Jarvis the project manager of Reimagine Boulder Highway said the update is long overdue as too many fatalities take place along Boulder Highway each year.

“We are looking at increasing the safety and making it easier for pedestrians and bicyclists and the 30,000 residents that live within Boulder Highway,” said Jarvis.

He hopes redevelopment of this corridor will open up opportunities for businesses and people to enjoy and move in.

“We are adding crosswalks and other locations for people to get from side to side and modifications to the side streets so there’s not such a long crossing distance for pedestrians,” said Jarvis.

The construction phase is expected to begin on or before January 2024 and end around September of 2025.

“I think it’s important for everyone to remember that it’s a shared responsibility, bicyclists, drivers, to ensure that you’re paying 100% full attention to your driving,” added Martin.

Jarvis said the project came to life, thanks to federal funding and partnerships with the City of Henderson and the Nevada Department of Transportation.