LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A resident in the Lakes area says their request for security cameras has been denied by Metro police, this comes after at least two dogs were poisoned in the neighborhood in October.

8 News now spoke with Sean Cornwall this week who has 30 cameras installed around his home after his dog Leia died from poisoning a few years ago.

He has been pushing for cameras to be placed around the neighborhood after the person responsible recently tried to poison the dogs next door.

Cornwall also adds that someone has been throwing balls of meat over his neighbors’ fences for seven years.

The meatballs are made with strychnine sorghum grain seeds, which is a highly toxic pesticide.

He says the police department stated that there were no cameras available.

“I feel that the officers that were assigned to the case were being sincere and wanted to help, but their hands are tied. It’s the upper level that allocates the money, and they don’t want to do anything because they’re dogs. It’s not a human,” Cornwall adds.

Metro police released the following statement regarding the security camera request.

The case is under investigation.  Please note that we must look at the totality of the circumstances and the effectiveness of putting up surveillance equipment in a specific area. 

We must also consider the other crimes that are occurring elsewhere in the community and only have a certain amount of taxpayer funded equipment at our disposal.

As always citizens, HOA’s and business all around the valley have the option to install their own surveillance equipment on their properties or common areas to monitor and deter criminal activity.

Officer Larry Hadfield, LVMPD

Councilman Victoria Seamen says she’s been talking with police about ways the city or ward two, can get cameras in the neighborhood.

“I am on the phone with Metro daily, and we are you know trying to find this perpetrator, says Seamen. “I want you to know that Metro does take it seriously, and a lot of times when there’s an open investigation they’re not talking about things.”

8 News Now also spoke with other neighbors in the area including, Fred Tabron, who says he’s interested in getting involved to help in the cause.

“Our voice needs to be heard. Maybe that’s something we all need to do, get together and have a couple meetings so we can talk about it. Dog owners and dog lovers,” Tabron says.

Cornwall says he wants something to be done before another dog, or potentially a child ingests poison.

“Until it happens to you, in your backyard, you don’t really fully understand what it feels like, the violation of someone taking the life of one of your family members that has no way to protect themselves,” he expressed.

Cornwall is partnering with some animal rights groups to develop new methods and tools that could help catch the person responsible.

PETA is offering a reward of $5,000, along with another $3,000 raised by those in support of the cause. Sean Cornwall has also donated $2,000.

In all, the total reward offered now stands at $10,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction on cruelty-to-animals charges of the person or persons responsible for the crime.

A gofundme page has also been set up to help raise more funds in an effort to support the cause.