1 October survivors react to FBI not being able to find motive for Vegas mass shooting

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The FBI announced Tuesday that its inquiry into the 1 October mass shooting is complete without any conclusion as to why the gunman, Stephen Paddock, pulled the trigger that night.  

In a report given to the Associated Press, the FBI said after nearly 16 months the agency says it can’t determine why Paddock killed 58 people and injured close to 900 others at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on October 1, 2017.

The FBI report re-affirms what Metro Police had already concluded when they closed their investigation back in August, which was that Paddock acted alone and there is no clear motive.

While many victims are still looking for a  motive, others tell me it’s best to just leave things alone.

“This happened to us, and I have to almost every morning wake up and go over it,” said 1 October survivor Jill Preston.  “My life will never ever be the same again.”

More than a year later, the emotions are still raw for many 1 October survivors.

“I was never able to put like a human face or think of him as a human that did all of this,” Preston said. “I kind of just thought of this evil force or this monster.” 

Many still want answers, in spite of the FBI’s report.

 “Why that’s my thing; why do this,” said Sam Arjune, 1 October survivor.  “I’m baffled. I’m really baffled by that; like how can there not be a motive. I want them to keep digging; keep looking into his childhood. Look into his brother, talk to his brother, mother to figure it out .”

Preston says maybe not knowing will help ease the pain some carry.

“I trust them that they’ve looked into every nook and cranny
as far as they could. If they thought there was something else they would pursue it again,” Preston said. “I don’t know if I have to feel that way to not suffer more.”

Preston also says providing no motive will not be able to bring back the 58 lives lost, but hopes lessons are learned.

“I wish that this would motivate us to look more into mass shootings and why they are happening so frequently — and what we can do better to try to prevent those,” Preston said.

Research conducted by the FBI says that 21 percent of active shooters they studied had no public grievance or it was unknown before the attack.

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