1 October release shows more body camera footage from officers

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Metro Police released more video Wednesday from the night of the tragic 1 October shooting.
WARNING: The audio and video may not be suitable for all audiences. View at our own risk.

The latest batch of videos shows officers running toward the crowd to figure out what’s happening as gunshots ring out.  The footage recorded through the officers’ body cameras also shows their efforts to clear out people who were at the Route 91 Harvest Festival with the performers.

Most of the video is too graphic to show, so 8 News NOW has decided not to air or post it online.

A lot of the video is from inside the festival grounds, so gunshot victims can be seen lying on the ground as many other patrons tend to their injuries.

In another video, officers can be seen clearing the portable buildings behind the stage before going through the vendor areas.

Two officers had to even take a minute to talk behind the stage in an effort to make sense of what had just happened.

Officer 2: “I was directing traffic back here and they were ricocheting off the ground. He was aiming; one everyone started moving, filing out here, he was just getting it.  He was just spraying and spraying into the crowd.”

Officer 1: “That is far as f*** away.”  

There’s also a video of one of the officers in the initial team making their way toward gunman Stephen Paddock’s room.  However, the audio for the video is lost once the officers assembling outside of Paddock’s room.

The room service cart is seen outside of Paddock’s room, along with one of his rifles on the ground in his room.

More evidence releases are expected to happen over the next several weeks.

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