1 October death toll now 59, recent victim died from injuries suffered in shooting

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s been two years since the one October shooting. There were 58 victims, but that number grew to 59 Friday night.

A California woman has died from injuries she sustained that tragic night.

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The healing garden is a place to remember the lives that were taken two years ago, and now there is one more name to add.

Kim Gervais attended the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in 2017 with two of her friends.

One died, one walked away from the violent event, and Gervais was struck by a bullet that paralyzed her. Gervais’ sister says she spent the last two years in a hospital bed as a quadriplegic.

She also shares that Gervais loved to travel and owned her own business.

“She was ready to retire. She and I spoke the night before she went to the concert. She was going to sell the business, she was ready to just go abroad and enjoy life as she should have, and it was snatched from her,” said victim’s sister, Dena Sarvela.

Gervais was a grandmother and leaves behind two daughters. Memorial services are planned at her Los Angeles home and in Kansas City where Gervais grew up.

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