LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Illegal street racing and reckless driving have been a growing problem in the Las Vegas valley lately. This past Sunday night North Las Vegas Police and Metro Police teamed up to go after street racers.

To catch people in the act, officers targeted areas where people had previously reported street racing taking place. By the end of the night, police made 116 traffic stops which included:

  • 3 DUI arrests
  • 2 arrests for parole and probation violations
  • 1 arrest related to a hit-and-run crash
  • 11 reckless driving citations
  • 68 speeding citations
  • 4 drag racers caught in the act
  • 3 citations for running red lights 
  • 1 missing person located

People in the northwest valley called law enforcement’s recent effort to crack down on illegal street racing a step in the right direction after months of complaints.

“It was just out of control,” Paul Carattini said of the racing in his neighborhood. “Chaos really.”

Carattini described the startling scene Wednesday, as dozens gathered, racing and drifting at the intersection of Gowan Road and Grand Canyon Drive on New Year’s Eve. 

“It’s just an accident waiting to happen,” Carattini said. “I’m glad they did something about it.

Metro Police have reported several other street racing crackdowns in the past. On January 3, officers ticketed 41 people and arrested 19 others for speeding and ‘trick driving.’