Local elementary keeps parents locked out of playground before and after school


Vanderburg Elementary School in Henderson makes the descion to lock the playground down to parents during the morning arrival and afternoon dismissal.

The gate opened at 8:35 a.m. with staff on duty reminding parents that only students were allowed. When it came to picking up students, parents lined up behind the gate. Keith Arnold is a parent and says, “it was beautiful. I take them there, we dropped him off and you know we give our kiss goodbye. I ran off and come back and we do our thing again.”

For some parents, it was a great start to their day. For others, it was a little more chaotic. Steve Pieri is a parent and says, “it’s a little more traffic a little more congestion outside a little different than what we been used to the last 5 years coming to Vanderburg.” 

With 958 students, school administrators say it has become difficult to keep monitor the students when parents and other children are on the playground too. Arnold says, “I think that for me seeing that the teachers  and the school is taking the time  to make sure that the kids are safe  should be a major priority.”

Pieri says, “my opinion though is Vanderburg is a very tight family in the community. I think our kids were safer with a bunch of parents watching what’s going on.”

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