Local club rides in tribute to 1 October victims


It’s been four months since the 1 October tragedy on the Las Vegas Strip.

A local club is honoring the 58 lives lost at the route 91 Harvest Festival by hosting rides along the strip and other parts of town.

This is the fourth month that an area club is using their vehicles decked out in flags to remind strip onlookers of the “Vegas Strong” mentality.

Christ Lovelace and other members of “Sin City Patriots” unite alongside a line of trucks adorned with American flags. On the first of every month, the club cruises the strip to honor the lives lost and the lives forever changed. 

“To pay tribute to everyone that was affected. Whether they’re from Vegas or they were just here for the concert.; American flags,” Lovelace said. 

It started as an idea amongst a few friends, but each ride along brings out new faces.

“We have the local law enforcement, fire department and EMT element out here and I figure by just taking a few friends down the strip, it’s a great way to pay tribute to the victims and all those people who contributed on that tragic night,” Brandon Lacayo, of the Sin City Patriots said. “So far, all the people that I’ve talked to, they love what we’re doing, they want to keep supporting, keep continuing that tradition. Ultimately, they always have a good experience.”

As vehicles pull out onto the strip, the drivers remember the Vegas Strong mentality.

“To let it be known that we will be here no matter what happens, and Vegas can’t be held down,” Lovelace sad. 

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