LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Linda Cavazos, President of the Clark County School District Board of Trustees, held a press conference on Wednesday, Oct. 27 at 4 p.m. to address issues concerning her status following allegations from other trustees, in an attempt to remove her title.

Today, President Cavazos wants to clear the air as to why her name and title will be on the chopping block for tomorrow’s board meeting. She wants everyone to know her side of the story.

President Cavazos held the conference at Parkdale Community Center.


Trustee Katie Williams alleges President Cavazos bullies some of the board members and causes a toxic work environment. Williams is one of the trustees that requested to discuss President Cavazo’s title in the upcoming meeting.

“I am over it. I’m over her tactics as a tyrant, as a micromanager, things like that. I’m just over it because it is not productive and it is not helpful,” Katie Williams, CCSD Board of Trustees said.

There are trustees who want to take President Linda Cavazos’ title away from her, and two other trustees wanting to oust Superintendent Jesus Jara from his role, which includes President Cavazos, Trustee Lisa Guzman, and Trustee Danielle Ford.

Trustee Williams says ultimately she just wants everyone to be able to work together. She says she is fearful that if Superintendent Jara is removed, then CCSD will run without a leader, ultimately affecting staff and over 310,000 students.


8 News Now Reporter Victoria Saha received the contents of a letter from Trustee Lola Brooks sent to Board President Linda Cavazos.

In the letter, Brooks expressed concerns over alleged actions Cavazos took “outside of your scope as board president.”

“To remedy the situation,” Brook ended the letter requesting that Cavazos:

  1. Acknowledge her contributions to the issue and commit to moving the board forward while agreeing to adhere to board policies and performing her duties properly
  2. Remove herself from the presidency
  3. Hold the conversation in a public forum

Brooks asked Cavazos to select an option by the end of the day. Brooks also said in the letter that Trustee Evelyn Garcia Morales would be tasked with scheduling a public meeting if Cavazos choose option 3.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates following tomorrow’s board meeting.