Boulder Highway has been the scene of far too many deadly accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians. Friday night, community members took to the streets to do something about it.

Twelve pedestrians lost their lives on Boulder Highway last year. Every one of those accidents happened at night.

If crossing a street like Boulder Highway outside a crosswalk or in the pitch black, a pedestrian wouldn’t have a chance against a vehicle.

Community leaders and residents held a light parade Friday to literally shed light on the problem.

Parade participants decked themselves out in reflectors and lights to help them stand out to traffic.

“That’s the message tonight, that you have to be a fool to not light yourself up in Clark County unless you’re sure a driver can see you in time to react and stop for you,” said Erin Breen with the Boulder Highway Coalition, which aims to promote traffic safety along Boulder Highway.

Others are also spreading the message.

“It’s dangerous. I mean, ’cause of so many fatalities and getting hit by cars. It’s scary to ride with the traffic,” said bicyclist Linda Floth.

Almeda Davis lives near Boulder Highway and Tropicana Avenue. She says she often crosses Boulder Highway with her son.

“Even walking with a crosswalk with him, I’ve had to grab him out of the way of cars not respecting the crosswalks,” she said.

The parade included police officers and a showgirl. While the event was light and fun, it covered a serious topic.

The message doesn’t just apply to Boulder Highway.

Breen points out that, so far this year, many of the deadly crashes involving pedestrians were the result of pedestrian error. The drivers didn’t see them in time to stop.