LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– What is really inside the enormous mannequin store on Desert Inn? Spoiler alert, the answer is mannequins. An enormous warehouse adorned with, what appears to be, people climbing the walls outside is the result of one woman’s former side hustle.

Las Vegas Mannequins opened in 2004. Alison Wainwright started the business in her garage as a side hustle while working at local conventions, and ended up seeing an unfulfilled need. It’s now one of the biggest mannequin shops in the country.

“They’re cool to have around your house,” she said, “you’d be surprised the amount of people that come in because they want a mannequin.” Some of whom want them for highly specific reasons. “We also had random requests, people who were at home and were looking for shooting targets.”

Whatever one’s mannequin needs are, they can be fulfilled at Las Vegas Mannequins.