Las Vegas valley still has Golden Knights fever, despite Stanley Cup loss


They may have lost the Stanley Cup, but that hasn’t stopped the whole city from being behind and supporting the Golden Knights.

Fans still feeling Thursday night’s loss piled into the arsenal at City National to grab the last gear from the very first season.

Many said, of course, they’re disappointed, but they also said they have so much hope for the Knights’ second season. 

“Can’t win them all, but I love the team,” said Paul, a fan. “I love that they’re here. I’m going to go to more games next year.”

“Pretty bummed, but we had a good season,” Golden Knights fan Jennifer said.

Many fans mixed their mourning with sportsmanship and respect.

“I can’t say I’m totally unhappy that the Capitals won,” Lilian admitted. “They fought many many years to get there.”

As Las Vegas valley residents accepted a less than ideal outcome, the Washington Capitals celebrated a win that was decades in the making

After taking their first Stanley Cup title in franchise history, players partied all night long.  In the meantime, valley residents are holding on to so much hope for the group of ‘golden misfits’ to keep that momentum next season.

“You put a bunch of guys together from other teams that didn’t fit and look what happened,” Paul said.

“I’ve been here almost 14 years, and I don’t, I won’t ever go home and that’s my team,” said Jennifer.  “It’s our team; it made everyone vegas strong. We’re definitely looking forward to continuing going for next season.” 

Fans have expressed that the team has inspired an everlasting love.

“I’m going to follow them forever,” Paul said.

When asked what people love most about the Vegas Born team, everyone said they’re grateful for the way these players really reached into the community to help everyone heal after 1 October.

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