Las Vegas teens speak out against school shootings


The debate over gun laws after school shootings is usually between adults but teens are saying it’s time their voices are heard.

Cell phone after cell phone captured the scene around noon Wednesday as Silverado High School students sat in solidarity speaking out against school shootings and gun violence.

“We sat all together, linked arms, and just protested against the gun violence,” said Andrea Viote, freshman.

“The teachers, they didn’t stop anyone, so people walked out and we were together, and it was honestly really good,” said Leila Barrios, sophomore.

Andrea, Leila and Jonny joined their classmates for the 17-minute sit-in deciding to participate after reading about it on Twitter. They want people to hear what they have to say.

“I hope, because it’s sad if kids have to tell adults what to do, because they can’t figure it out themselves,” said Jonny Angelo, sophomore.

As students met with President Trump to talk about gun violence, local teens hope their voices will spark change.

“You can be 18 years old to own a gun, but you can’t buy a beer at 18? That’s insane to me, that’s just ridiculous,” Angelo said.

Though these tragedies always seem to be happening “somewhere else” these kids say they’ve seen others carrying guns and feel the worst can happen anywhere, anytime.

“So, they just have their parents’ guns, and even if they’re not 18, they have guns and carry them, and I think that’s wrong,” Viote said.

 So, what’s the magic fix? That’s hard to say.

The common refrain from the teens is that someone needs to do something because it doesn’t look to them like much is getting done.

Everything was relatively peaceful Wednesday surrounding these demonstrations.

CCSD sent the following statement:

Based on reports on social media, specifically, Twitter,  there is a possibility for a nationwide student walkout next week. It has been stated on social media the walkout time and date will be released on Monday, February 19, 2018. 

The Clark County School District does not give students permission to walk out of school and attendance must be taken in every class period. Additionally, it is the school’s responsibility to notify the parent or guardian if a child is absent. If a student chooses to walk out they will be ineligible to participate in any athletics or extra-curricular activities. As students may exercise expression over this extremely important topic, it is critical that staff monitor events on and off campus. 

Please ensure all staff members are informed and a supervisory plan is in place for the safety of all students and staff. Additionally, principals may choose to collaborate with student club/activity advisors and coaches to potentially thwart a walkout on your campus.  It is so important during these times that we talk with our students about how a walkout is not necessary and that we are all working together to optimize school safety. 

Please advise your School Associate Superintendent of any excessive absences or potential scheduled walkouts. 

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