LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Prosecutors intend to seek the death penalty in the case against two Las Vegas parents accused of killing their 8-year-old son, court records showed.

Leon Gritz, 29, and Christie Gritz, 29, face murder and child abuse charges for the death of Isaiah Gritz in March 2021.

The parents reportedly staged the murder scene to make it appear the boy committed suicide by drowning himself in the bathtub, police said.

During the investigation, numerous injuries were found on the child’s head and body indicating long-term abuse, investigators said.

“Isaiah was beaten, whipped, stabbed, tortured, and mutilated by the Defendants for an extended period of time up and until his death,” prosecutors wrote in a court filing last week. “The constellation, volume, and extent of Isaiah’s injuries demonstrate the Defendants intended to inflict pain upon him beyond the killing itself and involved a calculated intent to inflict pain for revenge, persuasion, or an otherwise sadistic purpose. The Defendants’ actions altered radically so as to make imperfect Isaiah’s body and constituted mutilation beyond the act of killing.”

The I-Team learned last year that the family had a history with Child Protective Services.

According to the state, two complaints were made about the family in 2019. No action was taken on the first complaint. The second complaint was investigated but found to be unsubstantiated.

A trial date has not been set.