A new selfie studio allows people to journey to the past at Fashion Show on Las Vegas Boulevard and Spring Mountain Road on the Las Vegas Strip. The unique experience features sets from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90, and 2000s. There are even areas dedicated to the present and the future.

“We really wanted to bring this immersive, temporary pop-up to Fashion Show,” said Jayne Sheff, senior marketing manager for Fashion Show Las Vegas, adding that the goal of the pop-up was to allow people to experience the essence of the decades.

“The Decades” selfie studio was designed by NGK Agency, based in Atlanta. The Las Vegas stop is the second of its tour.

On May 6, there will be a special launch party starting at noon featuring a live DJ playing music from the decades “The Decades” highlights.

“You can experience the sights, the sound, and the music of all of the decades for the selfie studio decades tour,” said Sherr.