September is National Suicide Prevention Month and it’s important to know that there are new resources to help you or your loved ones. Intermountain Health has continued to build on the local hotline resource in response to growing behavioral health needs in communities throughout the state. This includes Intermountain’s Connect Care/Behavioral Health Hotline – the telehealth option for anyone in the state to use.

The Intermountain Behavioral Health Navigation Line, which originally started as a support line during the COVID-19 pandemic, gives people a free resource to talk to someone about low-risk stressors to more complex issues, such as crisis and serious mental health needs. Behavioral health counselors who answer the line can refer people to a variety of resources if there are needs for long-term help.

Intermountain behavioral health experts have said to think of resilience like a balance scale where negative experiences tip the scale towards negative outcomes, positive experiences towards positive outcomes. Flexibility and resilience add weight to the positive side of the scale to keep our lives in balance or even tip toward the positive in the face of very negative experiences. Go do something you enjoy; if you can’t right now, then plan to do something as circumstances change, and make sure to include others in the planning.

Here are three key words to remember when thinking of suicide prevention: Know – Help – Cope
Know the risk factors and warning signs:
› Changes in behavior or mood
› Recent rejection or divorce
› Giving away belongings.
› Increased use of alcohol or drugs
› Talking about death, hopelessness, or being a burden to others.
› Financial loss or instability
› Check-in with yourself and others. If you think someone might be considering suicide, ask them!
› Take Question Persuade Refer (QPR) training.
› De-stigmatize shame around mental health.

› Help yourself and others
› If someone is in acute crisis
• Call 911
• Call 988 Suicide and Crisis Hotline
› Contact Behavioral Health Navigation Services 833-442-2211
› Practice self-care

If you have been impacted by death by suicide, you are not alone.
Intermountain has people and resources that can help you cope following a loss.

If you would like to learn more about behavioral health services, visit For more resources for your health, visit

If you or a loved one is looking for mental well-being help, contact Intermountain’s free Behavioral Health Navigation Line at 833-442-2211. If someone is in danger of hurting themselves, contact the National Suicide Lifeline at #988.