Here is all you do:

Take 4 cups whole milk
2 cups heavy cream
1 tsp. of kosher salt
3 Tbsp. white wine vinegar

Bring this to a full boil over medium heat stirring occasionally.
Take off the heat and stir in 3 Tbsp. of Good white wine vinegar.
Let it stand for 1 minute until it curdles, you will see the thick parts, (the curds) and the milky parts (the whey) separate.

That’s it. Now you pour it into a sieve lined with dampened cheese cloth and let it drain into a bowl for about 25-30 minutes.

So here are some options on how to serve it.

We can take some toasted bruschetta rubbed with garlic around the outside of the bowl, you can place the ricotta in the middle of the platter.

Slice up these beautiful cherry tomatoes of all colors. Add a little bit of olive oil and balsamic to the mixture and fresh basil.

Spread the tomato mixture around the Ricotta, you can even add herbs to the ricotta mixture if you like.

Sprinkle with French sea salt and drizzle basil flavored olive oil over the top.