Las Vegas man shows off amazing Golden Knights collection


How do you know if you’re a hardcore hockey fan? It might have something to do with your collection of sports memorabilia.

One Las Vegas man started collecting Vegas Golden Knights items as soon as they went on sale and you might say, judging by his collection, he’s a big fan.

Meet Golden Knights fan Benjamin Gries. 

“If I have a bad day I can come home and sit on my chair here and just look at the wall,” Gries said.

A wall that’s run out of space because it displays more than 150 collectibles. 

“My most prized would be my Fleury jersey that he signed for me,” he said. “And that was how it all started, everyone I met was so nice.”

And now, roughly $5,000 later, the collection includes 15 jerseys, half of them signed. It’s not about the sheer number of items, but the memories he makes while collecting them. 

“This one I bent over in front of Marchessault for him to sign it . I was wearing it when he signed it on my back.”

From hockey pucks to helmets, everything under the sun, really, if it has the Golden Knights logo on it, he has it.

And even his dog Dahlia has caught the hockey fever.

Gries says he caught it at the very beginning of the season.

“When I first walked up it was, like you know, I seen one person getting an autograph and I was like I felt kind of weird.”

He’s almost done sealing this collection. All but three players have signed the posters. 

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