Las Vegas first responders train for active shooter at school


First responders swarmed Shadow Ridge High School Thursday morning for an active shooter drill. It was a team effort bringing together Metro Police, the FBI, and Clark Country Fire.

Several scenarios played out. Flash bangs went off and blank rounds were fired.

Metro was able to put the entire drill together in just two months; a major undertaking that would normally take half a year.

As law enforcement made their way inside for the active shooter drill, students, who volunteered, reacted as if this was real.

“If something like that happens in real life, when you’re at school, it does teach you what to do and how to do it without getting hurt,” said Colton Jordan, drill victim. 

The agencies say this drill is a good way to keep first responders up to date on training, especially with the multiple school shootings that have taken place already this year.

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