Las Vegas family mourns loss of daughter following 1 October shooting


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Earlier this year, the 1 October shooting claimed the life of another victim.

Samanta Arjune’s father said his daughter died in late May, from complications related to the attack. She was shot in the leg that night and rescued by strangers.

Arjune died one month after her 49th birthday and almost two and a half years after surviving the mass shooting on Oct. 1, 2017.

For Rudolph and Savitri Arjune, the grief grips their heart.

“We were all there when they took the respirator off and I see my child didn’t breathe anymore,” Rudolph Arjune said.

“Three seconds and she was gone,” Savitri Arjune said.

“She’s gone, gone forever,” Rudolph Arjune said.

Their daughter Samanta was unable to recover from the bullet that entered her leg during the 1 October massacre.

“One mentally deranged man shot my daughter. The bullet came out. She had a plate from her knee to her ankle but she had many fragments in there that was causing so much pain. So much pain,” Rudolph Arjune said.

One year after the shooting — in 2018 — Samanta talked with 8 News Now about her recovery and going home in a wheelchair.

Good Samaritans helped her escape the gunfire that rained down on the Route 91 Harvest Festival.
The 49-year old loved country music, but above anything else, she was a devoted daughter and sister.

“Her parents was her life and she was our life,” Rudolph Arjune said. “It’s hard to live right now.”
“She was my best friend,” Savitri Arjune said of her daughter. “we’d go shopping, we’d go to the spa, we did everything together.”

Samanta’s parents are finding some peace, by knowing she’s no longer in pain.

“My child, wherever you are, I bless you, and I keep saying to you daddy is not there to help you, advise you. Take care of yourself. Always remember your mommy and daddy and look out for us please and your brothers,” Rudolph Arjune said.

All they can do now is visit their daughter at the cemetery.

“We’ll go this Thursday and take flowers for her. It’s all I can do,” Savitri Arjune said.

Samanta never had the chance to meet the woman — a complete stranger — who drove her to the hospital the night of the shooting. She also didn’t get to finish a book she started writing about everything she went through.

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