LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A visibly upset woman sped through a gas station parking lot to get to a North Las Vegas police officer as she attempted to get away from her boyfriend, who was following her after a fight, according to an arrest report.

The boyfriend was identified in the report as Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Detective Michael Lyons.

Lyons is facing charges of home invasion, second-degree kidnapping, and coercion domestic violence with the threat or use of physical force. The alleged crimes were committed in North Las Vegas and Las Vegas. Lyons, 33, was off-duty at the time.

The incident unfolded on Thursday, Oct. 20 when the woman told the North Las Vegas police officer she had become upset with Lyons and fled from his home after he called her other women’s names during an intimate moment, the report said.

The woman, who had been dating Lyons for two years, had moved into his home a few days earlier.

According to the report, the woman said “Lyons grabbed a hold of her neck with his right hand and pulled her back inside the home” as she attempted to leave. She told police he took her phone and threw it on the ground, breaking it, when she tried to call police.

The woman was able to get to her car and began driving along Elkhorn Road with Lyons following her. At one point, the report said Lyons tried to cut her vehicle off with his truck. She said she “was very scared and kept yelling at random vehicles on the road to call the police.”

The report said when the woman saw the officer at the gas station, she pulled in and flagged him down for help.

During their investigation, North Las Vegas police learned that on Oct. 14, Lyons had contacted them asking for a welfare check on his girlfriend who had been recently sick and was living with an ex-boyfriend. The arrest report said Lyons suggested to officers that the ex-boyfriend was violent and even questioned officers why they didn’t kick the door in when they reported there was no response at the residence.

The arrest report said the following morning, Lyons kicked the door in but his girlfriend didn’t report it because she was afraid of Lyons and didn’t want to ruin his career. She also said she told her former boyfriend that she didn’t know who kicked the door in.

Lyons has been employed with Metro since 2015. Metro police said he will be placed on suspension with pay until he is criminally indicted. Lyons is assigned to the Community Policing Division in the Summerlin Area Command.

Lyons posted bail on Monday. It was unclear what his bail amount was.