Las Vegas could set record for days without rain


Temperatures are nearly 10 degrees above average and there could be a new record on Wednesday. The National Weather Service says this dry trend could reach almost 90 days.

Many residents are taking advantage of the conditions by heading to the park or enjoying a day outdoors.

Hagi Laion says he can’t help but smile.

“It’s pretty nice. I mean nice weather. My dogs love the weather. I love the weather, everything is nice around here.”

For the past seven days, there have been temperatures in the 60’s which is above normal during this time of year. Currently, it should be in the 50’s but due to the blocking pattern things aren’t changing. 

“We have a very stagnant weather pattern right now so things are dry and above normal for the warm temperatures and it doesn’t look like temperatures are going to change anytime soon,” said Kate Guillet, meteorologist, National Weather Service, Las Vegas. 

With no moisture and no precipitation we are getting close to the longest consecutive streak in Las Vegas almost reaching a record set back in 1944.

“There were 101 consecutive days were there was no measurable rainfall at McCarran and it’s just another streak where we had just no moisture available either it got intercepted by the Sierra or it stayed off well to the north and wasn’t able to make it down to our area and therefore no rainfall or snow fell for our area,” Guillet said.

Meterologists say things can change and they are staying hopeful for some rain to come Christmas Eve and possibly have a white Christmas in the mountains.

The lack of rain and dry conditions are creating some concerns. 

“We do have critical fire weather conditions down the Colorado River Valley where we do have a little bit more wind and over in the sierra in California but over southern Nevada it hasn’t been high and so we are hopeful that we don’t see a lot of wind that will actually get fires up and moving,” said Todd Luricos, meteorologist, National Weather Office.

Last year by this time, there was already almost four inches of rain. 

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