LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — All-women giving collective Impact Las Vegas announced that it has awarded an $83,000 grant to Kline Veterans Fund, which provides emergency rent, mortgage, and other housing help to veterans facing or experiencing homelessness.

Impact LV members voted Sunday to give the organization’s largest-ever grant to Kline for its “Homes for the Brave” program.

“Kline fills resource gaps for underserved veterans and their families that traditional assistance programs can’t,” said Impact Board President Wendy Waite. “Kline eliminates the red tape that often hinders veterans from getting the immediate assistance they need to stay in their homes.”

Kline Veterans Fund helps housing needs by providing one-time checks to cover rent, mortgage, utilities, and other costs.

The grant is projected to help 83 families with urgent housing needs over the next two years.

The organization also granted $7,378 to Baby’s Bounty, which has distributed more than 1.3 million diapers and 3.6 million wipes to 21,000 families in poverty in southern Nevada.