The City of Las Vegas made another unpopular list.  On a list of 15 of America’s Rudest Cities, the “city of lights” came in at number 12.

According to Travel+Leisure, the city came off to many readers as a bit shallow.  It scores for historic sites, galleries, and peace and quiet were also pretty low.

When it comes to rudeness — Las Vegas’ score has dropped for three consecutive years.  However, the city’s food scene is scoring high and on trend with competing with the Strip’s entertainment life.

Don’t let this list get you down Las Vegans. Sin City scored gold for a Wild Weekend trip, with its world-class nightclubs and hotels.

Other prominent cities that made the list consisted of Scottsdale, Arizona which came in at number 15; Ann Arbor, Michigan was number 10; New York City was number 3; Phoenix, Arizona was number 2 and Miami, Florida was number 1.

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